Good morning, Ellen...The Boys did a good job, but they did not stay and help put up fencing nor did they stay and help paint the barn and put the electrical in the barn. Guess we only got what we were paying for, but I can dream can't I? Seriously, We are happy with the work done...

J & J - Grants Pass

To Moser All-Stars...Not everyone can do what you do...but anyone can see that what you do makes a wonderful difference.

Great Job! Excellent teamwork! Executed to perfection!

Thanks a $1,000,000.00
PK - Grants Pass

Thanks so much. Martin has been amazing, please tell whoever needs to know. The entire crew was so professional, courteous, plus neat and tidy. We will recommend you to others. (and already have recommended) So glad that the earlier date worked for everyone.

LS  - Grants Pass

We would like to say thank you for all the work you have done on our property. Our asphalt replacement, the seal coat of our driveway and embankment reinforcement are all quality jobs and were done with the skill and care that is the Moser trademark for workmanship.

From the very start, the bid process was complete and detailed as to the type of work to be performed and the materials recommended. It was especially helpful to us how you broke down the costs for each job. That way we could choose how much of the work we wanted. Also, your description of the type of materials needed demonstrated that you were knowledgeable about the product and it's application.

Also, we really appreciate how your field crew took the home owner's life-style into consideration when preparing for work. Once Joaquin and crew were on our property they were very diligent in ensuring that our property received the utmost of care.  You can be very proud of your crew! They were very courteous, responsible and very hard workers. This type of dedication from your employees starts from the top and demonstrates that the owner and employees of Moser Paving have a work ethic to a job well done.

What impressed us most about all your employees, is how dedicated they seem to customer satisfaction. Paula was very diligent about following up with phone calls or emails to keep us advised of any schedule changes. Their concern goes a long way toward insuring repeat business and excellent recommendations from very happy customers.

I hope you can see that your field crew and Paula get a thank you. They represent Moser Paving extremely well.

R.D. & H.D. - Grants Pass

Just a short note to commend your paving crew for the fantastic job they did on my carport, RV cover, and planter area. They all got in there and got it done in no time. I can't even start to tell you what a great job they did and how much better it looks. I would not hesitate in telling my friends to call Moser for their next paving job. Thanks to you all.

R.T. - Grants Pass

Thank you for all you did on this project. We all appreciate the suggestions, your honesty and the negotiations with our neighbor.  Your quick response time and quality work is just another reason we value Moser Paving.

Allen Creek Vet Hospital - Grants Pass

We want to thank the Moser paving crew for the fine job they did on our driveway last week.  The two young men who came on Thursday had equipment trouble and had to do a lot of hand digging to get the roots out.  The roots were a much bigger job than anyone thought. They stayed and worked by hand until they had the driveway ready for paving. On Friday the paving crew came and in a short time they had the driveway paved. They worked well as a team, and they took pride in their work.  We appreciated the professionalism, courtesy, and the co-operative manner in which your people worked.  Many of our neighbors have stopped and remarked about how nice the driveway turned out. Again, thank you for a job well-done.

L. & O. S - Grants Pass

Just a short note to thank you for a job well done from satisfied customers.  We will not hesitate to recommend Moser Paving to anyone seeking quality asphalt work done by a very dedicated, hard-working, and professional crew.
B. & A. S. - Grants Pass

Thanks for the great work...and then it rained...tent is soon to go up.
L.B. - Grants Pass

Thanks for a great job!
B.F. - Grants Pass

Over the past 10 years, I have had 6 paving jobs done by Moser Paving, Inc. The paving crew is kind and courteous, making every one of my experiences exceptional.  Your staff and crew made sure they knew exactly what I wanted and because of their vast experience in the field, made suggestions as to how I could improve what I wanted to do. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
V.W. - Grants Pass

AMAZING JOB! That was my first thought when I came home last Thursday to see the newly sealed drive. Hiring contractors is always a little uncertain and the outcome can be equally uncertain but your crew had to be part time artists. The rounded, scalloped edges of our block wall made sealing to the edge a tricky job but I'm totally satisfied with the result and VERY PLEASED with the clean edges along the cement apron and along hundreds of feet of curved block. Neat, clean and completely sealed. Well done!!
D.S. - Grants Pass

Jay, thanks to you and your crew for another great job. I can't say enough about the quality of your work. When I think of paving I think of Moser.
C.T. - Rogue River
Today we had our driveway "seal coated" by Moser Paving. Both workers did an excellent job with attention to detail and a good consistent application of the sealer across the asphalt.  We appreciate the quality job we received and will plan to recommend Moser Paving to other friends.  Thank you.
S.S. - Rogue River

We had our driveway done by Moser Paving last week. We were blown away by how good it looked. Jay is the nicest guy and very easy to talk to. He loves his dog, and takes her with him everywhere, which in my book speaks a lot abut him. We know that this has nothing to do with paving, but we are dog lovers!!! When we met him we liked him so much that we did not get any other bid for the job. We believe that we got a great work done for our money. We will use him again when the need arises. Definitely a five star!
J.B. – Grants Pass

Thank you! We are happy! They did a wonderful job working with us, and a fantastic job over all.
C.C. – Grants Pass

Having had work done by Moser in the past, they were my first recommendation to a neighbor who needed some chip seal work done on his driveway. I soon decided to schedule work I needed at the same time. My neighbor and I accepted the bid and work started the next day. The crew was fast and accurate and prep work was swiftly done. The following day the paving crew arrived and the job was finished by late afternoon. We are very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Moser Paving to anyone needing swift, quality work.
R.M. Grants Pass

Thank you Moser Paving for the superb work and materials used to pave the taxiway at our hangar at the IV airport.  Have a great year!
G. & P. M. – Cave Junction

Joaquin and his helper sealed our driveway yesterday. It looks great! The job was done as scheduled and for the quoted price. What more could you want? Thanks Moser!!!
J. P – Grants Pass


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